Business opportunities

Business opportunities

22:41 24 October in eBusiness

Too often technology gets in the way of business productivity and strategic goals. Even though technology is thought to aid businesses, it is frequently built by techs for techs and business requirements are not always the primary objective.


Here at eBusiness Technology, we have specifically set out to make technology work for small and midsized businesses. While this may sound obvious, that is not always the case, whether it is software solutions, website design or social media. Our foremost question in mind is “what do our clients get out of this project?”.


This is why the “e” is small but “Business” is emphasized in our company name.


Future posts will discuss specific aspects of this approach. Whether you work with us or another provider, it is important to keep the focus on business goals and return on investment. While not always easy to quantify, this focus helps ensure that any technological investment is done for the right reasons.

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